Charter Flights UK

UK Charter Flights

Looking for a UK private charter flight for a group? Look no further. At Jetcompare we have partnered with a range of leading charter flight companies to get you where you need to go - whether around the United Kingdom or further afield.

Charter a plane UK cost

Charter flights are nowhere as cheap as business or even first class flights. Prices start at around £5,000 for a short flight in the UK. Charter flights have emerged as a popular and convenient travel option for those seeking flexibility, privacy, and comfort. Unlike commercial flights, charter flights operate on personalized schedules, allowing passengers to choose departure times that align with their itineraries. Whether for business or leisure purposes, charter flights offer an array of benefits, including direct routes to smaller airports, reduced wait times, and the ability to customize travel plans.

Passengers enjoy a heightened level of privacy, avoiding crowded terminals and security lines. Additionally, charter flights provide luxurious amenities, such as spacious cabins, personalized catering, and dedicated flight attendants. With the ability to fly to remote destinations or bypass major hubs, charter flights offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency, catering to the discerning needs of individuals and groups seeking an exclusive and tailored travel experience.

Air charter flight for group travel

Charter flights are all about groups - large or small, we can cater for them all. We can arrange flights for the following:

  • VIP group travel
  • Private jets for weddings and other special occasions
  • Corporate and incentive charter flights
  • Flights for sports teams and groups of supporters
  • Music tours by private jet
  • Conferences and events

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