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A Guide on How to Charter a Private Jet

With JetCompare, you are in charge of the options you choose, meaning you are in control of the charter flight quotes you are provided with. There are many reasons why people would choose to charter a private jet. It offers an unrivalled sense of luxury and exclusivity for those who are travelling for business and personal circumstances. Find out how to charter a jet, along with common FAQs below.

What Is a Private Jet Charter?

The difference between a scheduled flight and a chartered flight is that passengers hire an entire aircraft. They fly a route they choose rather than a seat. A chartered flight comes with no long-term commitments. With JetCompare you can be provided by quotes, book and not have to be contracted into anything.

Differences between scheduled and charter flights

Is private jet travel safe?

Private jet travel is recognised for its exceptional safety record and commitment. It is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

How far in advance should I book a chartered flight?

Here at JetCompare, we recommend that you book your flight as soon as you have set your schedule. Booking your flights in advance gives you wider choices. Aircraft, travel dates, times and better deals to name a few.

How do I book a private jet charter?

At JetCompare, our booking process is extremely straightforward. Simply, fill out our ‘compare form’ and you will be provided with the best quotes for your requirements by a member of our expert team. If the deal suits your needs, you can follow the booking process with our team.

The Benefits of Chartered Flights

When you book chartered flights with JetCompare, you can benefit from multiple aspects. As well as our booking process being straightforward and simple, the services we provide are second to none. The benefits of chartered flights are endless:

Ultimate flexibility – You create your own flight schedule, have the choice of an aircraft and who comes on the aircraft with you.

An office in the sky – If you’re travelling for business purposes, private jets offer a spacious, comfortable and safe environment for you to work within.

Less time on the ground – Small jets don’t need huge runways and staffs offered by major airports, meaning they can fly out of smaller spots. This accumulates to the time you spend on the floor rather than in the air.

Faster trip – Private jets are designed to climb faster than airliners, because of this they are above crummy weather a lot faster, they are also much more briskly.

Privacy – One of the best benefits of private jets is the privacy; when you are flying for business there is no need to worry about having confidential documents or conversations as this is protected when on a private jet.

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For more information regarding the services we provide here at JetCompare, please fill out our ‘request a call back’ form or get in touch via email. A member of our team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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