Private Jet Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport (formerly TAG Farnborough) is a 310-hectare (770-acre) private airport. It is the only dedicated private jet airport in the United Kingdom. It is located 1 mile north-west of Aldershot and a mere 33 miles south-west of central London. This makes it popular for business people and executives. Farnborough was subject to a recent buyout by Macquarie Investments and Real Assets last year.

Farnborough Airport handles more than 30,000 private jet charter flights a year. It caters for a wide range of aircraft types, including Boeing business jets and Airbus corporate jets.

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Imagine the possibilities! Paris for Valentine's Day? Madrid in magnificent (and mild) May? Or rather sophisticated Stockholm for a cheeky long weekender? 

Wow! That is the best word that describes the airport. This airport is truly amazing, especially if you are chartering a Farnborough private jet. This post will get into what this fantastic airport has to offer and everything else you need to know about London Farnborough Airport. So let's look at what this airport is all about.

Facts about Farnborough Airport


First, we will tell you where this place is located. Farnborough Airport is located right outside of London, about a 30-minute train ride. But no need to fret as the airport is near main roads, so it is easily accessible by car. The address for Farnborough Airport is Business Aviation Centre, Farnborough, GU14 6XA, United Kingdom.

Airport Symbol

The symbol for Farnborough Airport is EGLF. If you see this symbol, you know you are at or going to Farnborough on a private charter jet.

Flights Per Year

The airport hosts a whopping 30,000 flights per year! This small airport stays busy as it flies its customers all over the world.


History of Farnborough International

This wonderful airport has a fascinating history. It was first built in 1905 and was used to make hot air balloons. The airport would remain under military control until the 1990s. It's here where the military conducted numerous flight based experiments. Today, the airport is owned by a private company; TAG Farnborough Airport Ltd. Farnborough International airport is the only airport the company owns; however, it is highly ranked as one of the world's best business class airports.


Other interesting information

Five stars are what this airport strives for, and you can see this. This place offers so much! Let's look at the list of what this place has to offer its customers.

  • Passenger lounges and snooze rooms
  • Private screening rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Excellent concierge service
  • Showers
  • A hotel

This is pretty amazing; they really strive to be the best. All of this is cool to see at an airport. The airport even has an on-site luxury hotel! You won't wait in long lines as immigration is speedy, beneficial for those in a hurry. Farnborough airport really has it all. If you need to fly with luxury, then this is the airport for you.

Why Choose Farnborough Airport

Luxury is the main concern of this London airport. When you charter a private jet here, you will get 5-star services. If you value the types of services listed above, then you must fly here. You will not be disappointed with the top-quality services this place provides. Why fly with anyone else? Farnborough Airport has everything you need for a private jet hire in the United Kingdom.