Luxury hotels in the Maldives

One of the most desirable places to visit is the Maldives. Make memories that will last a lifetime as you stay at these luxury hotels. The Nautilus Maldives- from $2,600 per night Lay your head in this most luxurious haven of free-spirited elegance while being swept away by the tranquil sounds of the waves. It […]

Jetcompare business update for February

A good start to 2022 Jetcompare has had a great start to 2022 thus far. We are increasingly getting enquiries from outside of the UK, which reflects the general demand Europe-wide.  We are contemplating a website redesign that gels better with our brand identity and our mission. Watch this space!  We are seeing an increase […]

Some thoughts on private jets in 2022

I am not much for travel plans, as you surely know. My dream seems to be to just stay in one place and go on vacation for a very long time. There are, however, a number of great reasons why you might want to invest in private jet travel. Here, my suggestion is not to […]

Preparing for the festive season

Festive season begins Is the festive season a good time for private jet charter? In this brief article we look at what drives demand over November and December and in to the new year.  There is one word that says it all: skiing! Yes, the wealthy and lucky among us begin to jet off to […]

Summer 2021 – almost finished yet demand high

Demand continues to surge One would have thought that the prospect of having to do covid tests and self-isolation would put people off flying. Well – turns out it hasn’t actually at all. In fact we are seeing a surge in bookings, especially in July, traditionally our biggest month.  Our head of customer engagement, Seamus […]

The summer season is upon us

Summer season for private jets The summer season is now upon us – although in the UK you would not believe that – with the dismal weather we have been having for the last week! Historically this is a very busy time of year with the boost in summer holiday travel. In fact July and […]

Top private jet destinations 2021

Private jet destinations 2021 In this post we look at some of the hottest private jet charter destinations for 2021. Of course it goes without saying that we are living in unprecedented times and air travel has been severely impacted as a result. We have however, seen an uptick in searches and bookings for the […]

first blog of 2021

Our first blog post. Hi everyone, we are launching our blog and will have loads of informational blogs about all things aviation-related right here.