The summer season is upon us

Summer season for private jets

The summer season is now upon us - although in the UK you would not believe that - with the dismal weather we have been having for the last week! Historically this is a very busy time of year with the boost in summer holiday travel. In fact July and August are our peak months of the whole year. It seems it will be a bit different this year with the covid-19 pandemic still casting a long shadow across the travel and aviation market. 

However, if you are still looking for a private jet charter quote, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Top destinations

We have seen an increase in demand for private flights to Ibiza and to and from Barcelona. Likewise, there has been an uptick in flight requests for Italian inland airports such as Rome and Milan. 

Restrictions make it difficult, but not impossible

It is true that we are (still) in the grips of the pandemic, however, don't let that put you off travelling. It is still possible - our team is on hand to advise. We have been able to plan and execute some rather complicated charter flights recently, much to the joy of our clients!