Private Jet to Ibiza

Charter a Private Jet to Ibiza and Explore its Natural Beauty

Flying on a private jet to Ibiza is one of the most popular ways to visit the island, especially during the summer months. Not all major airports offer a direct flight to the White Isle, so private jets are the best way to go for all the luxury travelers out there who want to explore the beauty of Ibiza.

Explore Ibiza, the White Island of the Mediterranean

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is just a small island but considered the second largest among the Balearic Islands. Because of its beauty and popularity, Ibiza is known as one of the most popular European getaways, attracting almost six million tourists every year.

Since Ibiza is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can never go wrong in choosing this place as your destination for your next vacation.

Arriving at Ibiza Airport (IBZ)

Ibiza Airport (IBZ) has a dedicated private jet terminal to accommodate more than 30 private jets, especially during the summer or peak season.

As you arrive at the airport, you can go around and explore its different facilities and services. It has several restaurants, cafes, a duty-free store, shops, and a lounge called Sala VIP Cap Des Falco. You can stay there and have some drinks, snacks, read newspapers or magazines, or connect to the Wi-Fi to stay online while passing the time.

  • IATA code: IBZ
  • Location: Situated approximately 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) southwest of the capital city of Ibiza Town.
  • Runway length: Single runway, approximately 2,800 metres (9,186 feet)
  • Total movements: 792 (in August 2023)
  • Private jet charters operating: PrivateFly, FlyVictor, Premier Aviation, and many more


Things to Do

Explore the white sand beaches

There are 57 beaches in Ibiza, and the most popular are Las Salinas and Benirras. Las Salinas is the go-to place for day parties, while Benirras offers a more laid-back experience. But whichever you choose to stay, for sure, you can enjoy the sun and the sea during your visit.


Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. As soon as the night falls, almost every pub and discos in the city start to fill with both locals and tourists. For a great nightlife experience, you can visit Amnesia, which hosts the most iconic parties on the island, and Privilege, for something new and trendy. Ibiza also hosts music festivals during the summer.

Shopping experience

If you are looking for delicious organic food, the San Juan Market is the best place to go. It is only open on Sundays. You can also try visiting the San Rafael Market, which is famous for potteries and fizzy drinks. Or drop by at the hippy market to see a glimpse of the quirky tradition of the city.

Places to Stay

Hacienda Na Xamena

For a luxurious vacation on the island, book your stay at Hacienda Na Xamena. The hotel is on top of a cliff. Therefore, it is one of the best spots to capture the breathtaking view of the sea.

Sir Joan Hotel

Sir Joan Hotel offers a great panoramic view of the port and the Old Town. The hotel showcases sophistication with the presence of curated art and balconies in every room.

Why Charter a Private Jet to Ibiza, Spain?

Booking a private jet to Ibiza will give you more comfort in your leisure travel. Private jets offer flexibility and exclusivity. You can avoid the crowd and the long lines. It also provides safety and security as you travel around.

The available private jets that fly to Ibiza come in various types and sizes. Most of the flights going to Ibiza came from other locations in Europe like London, Nice, and Paloma. There are also available flights from other parts of the world you can book in advance.