4 unusual winter destinations for 2023

Have you ever been on an unconventional vacation? Take a trip off the beaten path and experience a one-of-a-kind winter with these 4 unusual winter destinations for 2023 in Europe.


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Canary Islands, Spain

When you say winter, it doesn’t have to be cold. Escape from shivering!


The Canary Islands offer a variety of activities, from lounging on a beach to diving and surfing, or hiking across their unforgettable landscapes. Having volcanic origins, these islands have diverse terrains that include epic craters, sand dunes, and ash fields.

Azores Islands, Portugal

This heartwarming island has long been referred to as “Europe’s Hawaii” because it shares similar features with Hawaii, including waterfalls, volcanoes, thermal pools, lush greenery, mountains and pristine beaches you can enjoy. There are many people who have never heard of the Azores, and that’s a good thing. So don’t miss your chance to experience unspoiled nature! 


Budapest, Hungary

The winters in Budapest can be icy, but it shouldn’t deter you from visiting. You will experience a magical winter atmosphere as the place itself is illuminated with different colours and everyone is in good spirits. 


Have a winter date at one of the best rooftop bars in the city – 360 Bar. Get cosy and soak in the large thermal bath houses. If you’re looking for an indoor activity that involves problem-solving and competitiveness, you can try the Escape Room with your friends.



Finnish winters usually last seven months on average, making it the ideal place for a snowy winter. You will find dozens of unique structures made of snow and ice, such as snow castles, restaurants, chapels, and even saunas made of snow. Don’t forget to try the Husky Sledding Trips for a thrilling ride through the breathtaking Finnish wilderness. Now that’s unique!