Preparing for the festive season

Festive season begins

Is the festive season a good time for private jet charter? In this brief article we look at what drives demand over November and December and in to the new year. 

There is one word that says it all: skiing! Yes, the wealthy and lucky among us begin to jet off to exotic destinations such as Zermatt and Verbier for apres ski and other frolics. 

Why hire a private jet to get there? Well, it means you get there quickly and can spend more time than ever skiing. Verbier is a top destination these days, as the focus has shifted from Zermatt. We are not sure why this is, but can only hazard a guess that the COVID-19 restrictions in France are fewer than in Switzerland. 

How much is it to charter a jet to go skiing?

From the UK you are looking at about £10-15,000 for a return flight for up to 6 passangers. Which works out not that expensive!