Some thoughts on private jets in 2022

I am not much for travel plans, as you surely know. My dream seems to be to just stay in one place and go on vacation for a very long time. There are, however, a number of great reasons why you might want to invest in private jet travel. Here, my suggestion is not to pick a destination, but rather pick a travel service.
Before we dive into setting your private jet charter, let’s look at some of the possible reasons why you might want to opt for private jets instead of boarding airplanes.

Reasons You Might Want to Travel With Private Jets Over Stays at Home

Reason #1: Experience
I will admit, the novelty of traveling in luxurious style can be quite compelling. I don’t think people realize that some of the world’s most beautiful locations are within a few hours of major cities. From New York to Cape Town, you can hop on a plane for less than $1,000, fly to Dubai, and spend a few nice days exploring some of the most interesting parts of the world without needing to leave your comfort zone.
In my previous article, I talked about the “five golden rules of luxury travel,” and these principles focus on your comfort and enjoyment while you are away. However, there is one more door that might just get you the rest of your stuff: Experience. Whether you intend to hire private jet travel specifically for vacation purposes or simply intend to take a pleasure trip around the world for the rest of your life, there are still some major advantages to having travelers pay for your tickets. Let me share a few of these advantages with you now:

Reason #2: Expenses
A private jet flight will not only give you a full day or two of truly working relaxation, but it will also give you some much-needed expenses that you might otherwise be paying for hotel rooms. For us Mozzers especially, we don’t pay for housing while we are home. So our first pass through private jet travel is on the housing expense front. A flight to JFK from Chicago or LAX will probably cost less than $500 round trip, and if you spin around at the back, LAX to JFK might cost more than $700 round trip. If you happen to be in the E.U., you could be flying between most major cities in Europe for (roughly) $300 round trip.
Furthermore, while you are away, you will likely be stuck in your hotel room, and if you want some extras, such as in-room extras for movies, cafes and restaurants, you will be expected to pay for them.

There are so many ways to explore the world and experience the world’s beauty, but just like traveling with a friend and family, the cost associated keeps most people from traveling by air. Although most people look down on the finer things, I have enjoyed it from the inside out.
If you are considering private jet travel, or if you just want to try it out for yourself, then you’ll love this one. Below are some of the most awesome private jets with which I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the world.

If you're seeking out some exotic destinations for your next vacation, private jets are the way to go. You won’t have to compromise on sightseeing or dining experiences to access premium experiences. You will enjoy more space, food, and amenities. Plus, if you’re new to traveling, you’ll have a greater network of support if something goes wrong.

Traveling to and from Europe on private jets can seem expensive and time-consuming. However, when you consider how long a short trip around the world can take and the expense of some national hotels, you’ll appreciate private jet travel’s value. I typically spend 12 to 14 nights in these locations, either on my own or with friends and family, and my average flight is 5 hours long. In other words, finishing this entire journey in one day is highly possibility. Let’s assume a full round trip flight time of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday. Of course, the time you’re traveling matters as well—spending six hours in a five-star hotel in Buenos Aires is much different than spending 18 hours in Fort Lauderdale.
There are some places where private jets are basically an all-in-one package deal. Some, like Los Angeles and New York City, have notoriously high demand and high prices, but many other locations have only a few select routes that are booked and become extremely pricey during peak periods. When you need to choose a stop on a privately-owned jet, make sure it’s the one in the right location.
Here’s how to decide where to fly.
A quick bit of analysis begins with figuring out where you’ll be flying from. Be as specific as possible, and don’t leave yourself too many options once you’ve settled on a destination. In other words, travel plans for Nicaragua are going to be a little different than travel plans for Madrid.

Remember that a distance doesn’t necessarily mean a bad trip. Just because something is a close-by location doesn’t mean that it will be an experience you’ll like. The key is to maximize your time in every location.