Milan Linate private jet charter

Milan Linate Airport, located only 7 kilometres east of Milan's city centre, is a buzzing private jet hub in Italy. It boasts a runway length of 2,441 meters, ensuring smooth operations for different aircraft. With a remarkable fleet of private jets, the airport caters to the discerning needs of high-net-worth individuals. In 2022, Milan Linate Airport witnessed over 6,000 private jet movements, showing its rising popularity as a preferred destination for luxurious air travel.


Convenient Gateway

The airport serves as a convenient gateway for business travellers, offering proximity to the city centre and key business districts. Private jet charters provide customizable itineraries and personalised services. Food enthusiasts can also indulge in Michelin-starred dining experiences at renowned restaurants like Da Vittorio, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, and Cracco, led by famous chef Carlo Cracco.

Advantages of Private Jet Charters at Milan Linate

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury travel in Milan, flying by private jet is the perfect choice. Not only will you enjoy a stress-free trip, but you will also have privacy and convenience compared to commercial flights. Plus, you can save time with direct flights while delighting in the exclusive facilities and amenities available to private jet passengers.

Range of Private Jet Charter Services

Milan Linate Airport offers a wide range of private jet hire services, allowing travellers to select from a diverse fleet of aircraft. Whether you have specific seating preferences or require a customised itinerary, private jet charters provide flexibility. With dedicated customer support and concierge services, your flying experience is personalised and tailored to your needs.



Luxury and Comfort for Jet Charter Passengers

For private jet charter passengers, luxury and comfort are paramount. Milan Linate Airport ensures a premium experience with its luxurious lounges and VIP terminals, gourmet catering, in-flight amenities, on-ground transportation and hotel arrangements.

Embark on your next adventure from Milan Linate Airport, where luxury, comfort, and convenience await.