Private jet charter Paris Le Bourget

Paris Le Bourget airport was the first airport in France. Initially set up as a military base in 1914, it started commercial operations in 1919. It is among the world's ten oldest airports.

In 1980, Paris Le Bourget airport became a business aviation airport and is today's leading business aviation airport in Europe. It handles an average of 55,000 flights of private jets and helicopters annually. A private jet departs every 8 minutes, reaching an estimated 5,000 private jet flights every month.


Facts about the airport

Le Bourget is open 24/7. There are three runways, with a measurement of 3,000 m, 2,66 m, and 184 m respectively. The only flight restrictions are flights at night, between 10 pm and 6 am, for jets in excess of 25,500 pounds. Medical emergency flights have no restrictions.

The airport code is IATA

International Air Transport Association - LBG

ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization LFPB.

Location in Paris, France; latitude 48 degrees, 58', 10.00"N and longitude 002 degrees, 26', 29.00 B

Paris Le Bourget has 8 private jet terminals, including one exclusive VIP airport terminal with a wine cellar in the lobby, a salt-water aquarium, gourmet meals served by a chef, a VIP lounge.


A private jet charter has the advantage of a private terminal, an FBO (fixed-based operator), with no crowded passenger lines or lengthy screening. It brings you to your designated city, at your chosen departure time.

FBO facilities include :

* direct access to ramp
* passenger facilities
* clearance on customs and immigration: onsite
* easy passage to hotel facilities
* conference rooms, private lounge with a prayer room for travelers of all religions
* executive catering by entities at the airport, for high-standard onboard meals

Private jet charter to/from Paris Le Bourget

* group charter flights for VIP groups, music tours, sports groups
* corporate jet charter flights
* air ambulance, medical emergencies
* travel to ski resorts by helicopter or by jet
* riding with your pet in the cabin


Interesting Highlights

* In 1939, the second transatlantic flight from New York piloted by Howard Hughes, landed in Le Bourget airport; then flew to Moscow.

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